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Packwins Display Limited thrives on manufacturing superior quality and customized point of purchase corrugated carboard displays. Let us help you elevate your brand, increase your retail sales and guide you through the purchasing process of a carboard display to avoid any pitfalls.

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Cardboard Inline display Examples

Counter Units Inline Display

CDU Counter Cardboard Display

CDU Counter Cardboard Display

Grid Counter Display

Retail Sales Corrugated Display

POS Corrugated Inline Display

Farm Products Inline Display

POS Retail Sales Display

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Packwins Display Limited is a award-winning solution provider and manufacturer of point of purchase cardboard display stands.

Takes up an area of 6,000 squre meters, our production base covers from sample prototyping through printing, diecutting, pasting, packing and copacking to ensure that everything be controlled under one roof. There are more than 80 skilled employees, and a team of 9 graphic and structural designers who are dedicated to making innovations with years of experience and optimizing production workflow. 

What Is Inline Retail Displays?

Inline displays are displays that put within line of aisle to distinguish your products from your competitors. 

Imagine when store has a clear shop requirement that offshelf displays are not allowed? How would you break through from your opponents? In this case you would need to seize the oppurtunity of inline on-shelf areas. The challenge is work out a smart solution, either a single display or a group of design that make a “store” in a store. It improves your customer’s shopping experience while not not distract your clients.

Try as much as possible to place your inline displays at eye-level at least not on the ground, this is quite a key aspects in retail sales. Inline displays comes in a variety of shapes and forms,

  • Inline counter units are similer to regular countertop display units, but need to be very careful on the limite of sizes, ie width, depth and allowed height.
  • Shelf stoppers that are hanging or attaching to the metal frame of shelves to stop traffic when shoppers going by.
  • Wobbler is a dynamic advertising pos material to engage with customers. Usually hang over by a heavy stock of cardboard or a plastic strip the signage can wobbing while you put a finger on it to spring.

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