Production System

This is what our production looks like.


Display Design

We take initial design as key improtant since it determes display final function and cost effectiveness.

cardboard-display-design at Packwins
Cutting-Table-for-POS-Display at Packwins


Display Prototyping

Touch physical display samples by hands is more than expected by clients. Products and packages can be pre-tested in function and visual appearance.


Raw Material

Cardboard and corrugated paper shall be prepared according to display design and these materials are conform to the standard of sustainable and environmentally friendly.

raw-material at Packwins
production at Packwins


Print and Production

Packwins will take care of all production processes and share production photos or videos with customers so that they sleep at ease.


Assembly and Shipping

Shipping will be discussed case by case for different destination and transit method like air or sea. We garantee that our clients get their displays in sound condition.

shipping at Packwins

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