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Gravity feed corrugate display is one of the interesting display types that utilise force of gravity. Packwins are quite professional in display design to manufacturing, ensuring that customer sleep at ease.

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Gravity Feed Displays Examples

Ecig Cardboard Display Sidekick

Disney Plush Toys Gravity Feed Display

Corn Flips Cardboard Display

Air Freshener Gravity Feed FSDU

Walgreens Healthy Products Display

Pesticide Produts Gravity Display

Napkins Gravity Feed Sidekick

Hand Sanitizer Gravity Feed Display

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Packwins Display Limited is a award-winning solution provider and manufacturer of point of purchase cardboard display stands.

Takes up an area of 6,000 squre meters, our production base covers from sample prototyping through printing, diecutting, pasting, packing and copacking to ensure that everything be controlled under one roof. There are more than 80 skilled employees, and a team of 9 graphic and structural designers who are dedicated to making innovations with years of experience and optimizing production workflow. 

Types of Custom Gravity Feed Displays

Gravity feed display is a display where products feed on top and dispensed on the buttom for customers’ each access. This display needs no shop associate on site to demonstrate the product advantages and selling points.

  • Floor Display For engery drink products like bottled or canned packages that requires an eye-level showcase, floor gravity display is quite suitable in this case. There is a base that carry the weight above.
  • Countertop Display For small packaged items or irregular or bagged products, a countertop gravity feed display is quite eye catching and with easy access to consumers.
  • Sidekick Display Usually hang on a wireframe or endcap of an asile, a sidekick gravity feed display requires no big footprint but carrys products and selling points up to the front of consumers.
  • Pallet Displays Though seen less often in retail, a gravity feed display can be also in the form of a pallet if this is placed on a wooden pallet that has 2-4 sides access to shoppers.

Benefits of Retail Gravity Feed Displays

Gravity feed display is quite suitable if you don’t have a shop associate to roam at the retail aisle. Gravity bring your products to the front of shoppers with no hassle and it helps to keep a status that your products are always full in stock.

Enhance accessibility

You don’t have to take an eye on your availability of your products. Items dispensed from the top to the front of shoppers. And it is easy to see if the stock is still available or out of stock to refill.

Maximise shelf space

Imagine your products are scattered around the metal shelves, who would consider to buy a chaos? To the opposite, the gravity feed display gives consumers a very neat shopping atmonsphere.

Reduce labour cost 

An average of shared labour cost will be added to the total marketing budget to caculate your return on investment. This automatic dispense system requires minimum handling.

Easy to setup

Like a sidekick gravity feed display, the structure might be as simple as a box. Tuck the two ends and filp out the bottom tab, TADA!

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