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Packwins Display Limited thrives on manufacturing superior quality and customized point of purchase corrugated carboard displays. Let us help you elevate your brand, increase your retail sales and guide you through the purchasing process of a carboard display to avoid any pitfalls.

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Packwins Display Limited is a award-winning solution provider and manufacturer of point of purchase cardboard display stands.

Takes up an area of 6,000 squre meters, our production base covers from sample prototyping through printing, diecutting, pasting, packing and copacking to ensure that everything be controlled under one roof. There are more than 80 skilled employees, and a team of 9 graphic and structural designers who are dedicated to making innovations with years of experience and optimizing production workflow. 

Types of Custom Grocery Store Displays

Custom Grocery Store Displays are versatile in a different shapes and sizes, they are flexible to be placed at anywhere in the store. These FSU displays can be also put in a group to create a theme display for a seasonal or specific promotion campaign. Type of Grocery Store Displays you can choose from:

  • Display Bins / Dumpbins It either comes in a standard rectangular shape or a dynamic hexagon one to host quite a large number of items expecially irregular packaged prorducts at retail pos market.
  • End Cap Displays Depending on the location size of a end of aisle, and end cap display is always designed as tall as a humanbeing. It wrapped up the end of aisle to stear all focus that passed the location.
  • Gravity Feed Displays Though can be hang on a wireframe with a S clip, there are also floor displays that utilise gravity to send their products at shopper’s front.
  • Pallet Displays These are usually going to big club stores pre-assembled and fulfilled with products to be placed on the floor shop with usually 2-4 sides access.
  • Multi-Tiered Displays A very great weight bearing display design with the minumin accessories used. Easy to setup.
  • Pegboard Displays When products are bagged or boxed with a hanging hole on top, pegbard displays are the most suitable one at this situation.
  • Case Stackers Either a hutch display with 3 side panels or trays that are stacked on top of each other.

The lists goese on as time goes by, you may choose the one that most suitable for your products, and we help customize from that. View a complete range of display structures.

Benefits of Retail Grocery Store Displays

From shelf ready packaging to hangsell sidekick display to pallet shippers, There are a great many types of displays to help your products standout from the crowd. While a well designed Grocery Store Displays cound bring you benefits:

Strong in structure

You can keep the corrugated floor display as long as you wish. Since these floor displays are made with strudy corrugate materials that can support great weight. Packwins designers always learn at the initial stage on how many products to be shown on a single stand. And we design from that.

Easy to setup

Your shop associate don’t take hours but only a few minutes to fully set up a cardboard FSDU display. There will be an easy to read assembly guide or a code to scan to watch video guides. It saves you labour cost.

Eye-Level attention

FSDU floor display stands are set to at the eye-level which is one undeniable feature compared to other displays. It greatly facilitate consumers to browse and take products off the display to their baskets. This obvisouly increase your retail sales.

Hold large stock

Due to the size of the display, you can put a great many SKUs or items on a single display. It saves your shop associates’ time again and encourages your customers to buy in bulk.

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