How Cardboard Display Help to Increase Sell-Through Rate?

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Point of Purchase Cardboard Display Sidekick Display

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Point of purchase cardboard display has prooven to be an effective marketing tools at brick and mortar business. If you are looking for a high ROI promotional merchandise, look no further than corrugate cardboard displays.

There are a great many of benefits that a trategically designed pop display could bring to you, among which below aspects are most directly and remarkable.

Easy to Identify

Whenever you walk through a store or a club warehouse you might be lost in the crowd of products from a variety of brands and manufacturers. Only when a visual catching pos display hosted items came into your eyes. This way the products stand out from the crowd and make a great eye-impact.

On the other hand, when your products are wrapped by a shelf ready packaging display, it would be very easy for shop associate to identify during storage and on-shelf process. Quick and accurate.

Adding Value to Your Products

Before consumers test your products and initially use your products, they have no idea what is better in your items than other competitors. Good news is that you can show them on the display be it a technical know-how or simply state your USPs.

With graphics and wording clearly stated of your products’ unique selling points, these would greatly add value to your products. These high quality prints demonstrates that the items inside are in consist quality with the pacakging and display itself.

Consumers would stick to your brand and come back to you in a regular basis.

Minimize Advertising Cost

Advertisement cost is a must-have in retail business whether you are selling online or offline in a physical retail store. Some brands would like a shop associate in store to demonstrate consumers on how to use a new product, or to taste samplings.

This is at least cost $100 per day per shop, while if you customize a corrugated display and put them in store, there is no need for a shop associate to shout out for customers. It greatly attract shoppers with its unique design and bright graphics. A floor display usually cost from $9-$39 based on your order quantity. Isn’t it a great saving?

How to be successful from the beginning when design a pop display?

Structural Design

You will definitely need to make sure that your pop display structure be firm, sturdy and interesting in customized shapes. Otherwise there will be risks on retail store.

We have some customers came to us for a design of display that they were trying to get in place before, in which case the previous displays has been collapsed and unable to display further in store.

Our structure designers are with more than 10 years experience, all of them can see from the first sight that how the display would be. And they can design for manufacturing based on corrugated material capability.

Graphic Design

You only have seconds to grab attention in retail stores. How you stand out from the crowd is largely depend on what is your display and whole package look like.

Most of established brands have a graphic design team there ready to create your next marketing campaign material. Same is true with point of purchase displays. Clients would laid their artwork on our dieline design and we can quickly make this sample to touch by hands at customer’s end.

With corrugated, you have many printing options available to you, including: 

• Digital
• Flexographic
• Offset
• A combination of all three printing techniques 

All in all, there is a great chance for a brand to stand out from the crowd by creating one of the only pop displays for your products.

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